We are one of the few clubs in the country to meet weekly during the daytime [ Saturday 1330 till 1730 ] and in the evenings [Tuesday 1900 till 2100] Please contact us to confirm meetings, as sometimes we have to meet via Zoom.  

Welcome to the Bedford and District Amateur Radio Club.

We are located in the Eastern end of Ravensden village in Bedford. We welcome new and old members of the Amateur Radio Community and are a very friendly group of operators. We hold in-person and Zoom meetings so anyone can join no matter on distance or circumstances. We are a very active group, and we have much being added to the calendar throughout the year there is always something to learn, build upon and share between all our members, we have a vast group of knowledge, including a member that is exploring the latest DMR digital system to be able to share with members that are also looking at exploring this area. So, it goes to show that whether you are looking for something on HF, VHF, UHF, Analogue and Digital, you can learn it all with BADARC,

We hold daily "Nets" on a variety of bands and modes so anyone, no matter what equipment you use, can be sure to be able to join in. We hope you enjoy learning more about Amateur Radio and find the information both informative and fun.

Bedford & District Amateur Radio Club will be focusing on training and rapid deployment this year:   

February 2023. We enjoy nothing more than putting up a station and telling the world about the various interesting things about Bedfordshire. To that end, we develop aerials and practice putting on a station as quickly as possible. Indeed, some of us consider rapid deployment (RaDAR) as a pleasure in its own right. Come and join us in our pursuit of knowledge, skill and enjoyment in communication.

As a spin-off from Covid and to help control fuel costs, we are having our weekly talks using both "Zoom" AND in person at the club, simultaneously, which also means that we can welcome Dx members far and wide. We look forward to seeing you at the clubhouse if you can come.

We meet at the club,  on Tuesdays, Saturdays and some Sundays to experiment and learn about radio, electronics and and associated interests. The club is also open on other days of the week - keep an eye on the website and direct social media.  Also, we CAN and DO meet on air and virtually.

We have increased our on-air presence on 2m FM/SSB, also on GB3BF repeater and 15m/40m/80m/160m HF with inland and overseas contacts, nets and, perhaps, contests. Some of us also enjoy digital and digital voice modes.
Listen out for us as we activate special calls such as GB4PAX and GB4SOE, GB4BMA, GB4KWM for the Special Operations Executive and Bromham or Kempston Water Mill, respectively.

May the restrictions under which we are operating now inspire you to look at ALL aspects of our lives and consider if we have the opportunity to modernise or improve the things that we do and enjoy and also the ways in which we do them. 

We will continue to provide mentoring and advice via e-mail as well. We are also recommencing our courses to help folk with the new online licensing exams.

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